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 Host booting!

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Host booting! Empty
PostSubject: Host booting!   Host booting! EmptyWed Jul 07, 2010 1:09 am

steps to use metus 2.8 :

1. register @ no-ip.com , after registration download the tool and login with ur no-ip account

2. click an " add a host " on members section

3. hostname should be 3 digits long (like W7F) and make sure to choose no-ip.info

4. go to the no-ip programm and rightclick on the empty list, select " refresh host list " ,
after that check ur no-ip host in this field

5. how to create a bot with metus :
1. extract metus+stub in a new folder and run metus(turn off your antivir, cuz this program is a hacking tool and
detected as a hacking tool and wont work properly)
2. go to the tab " server builder "
3. port : the one u forwarded(should be 3174)
4. host : ur added host at no-ip.info (place the whole name there, like w7f.no-ip.info)
5. startup.exe : winlogon.exe
6. enable usb spread
7. build it

6. now u have build ur own server.exe , the only thing u have to do is to spread it to everyone u know, to get zombies :p
after u got enough zombies, u can dc people from i-net if u know there IP, to find out the IP use CAIN&ABEL(oxid.it)
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Host booting!
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